Rokas Slabosevicius

Rokas Slaboševičius

I'm a Software engineer, Game developer

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Self-directed and driven "creator" or a developer with competitive background in team leading, software development web design and game development. Known as a critical thinker with strong understanding of business processes, software development, relationships and mentoring models. Creative technical specialist with strong understanding of a attractive design and user experience.

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Game development





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Software development

Software development

Custom software development. Creating business automation tools, management systems and unique solutions for the clients using .NET.

Game development

Game development

Developing games for mobile and PC. First I identify what kind of experience we need to deliver for a customer. When that's done we can start developing a game.

Custom work

Custom work

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2021 - Present

Master's Degree

Already acquired a strong understanding of IT Team Leadership, Software Security, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Search Engines, Data Visualization, Digital Image Processing, Game Development, and Web Scraping.

2018 - 2021

Bachelor’s Degree

Learned to create websites and apply best practices of UX/UI design, create databases, develop advanced level animation using JS and combine all of this to functional and beautiful product for a client. Acquired fundamental theoretical and practical text, audio, image, and video material digital processing and presentation knowledge.

2020 - 2020


6 months, Erasmus+ studies. This exchange course in Portugal was highly focused to working with the team and creating a complete products from start to finish. I acquired deep understanding in JavaScript, Game development skills(C#), UX/UI, Film making.

2016 - Present

Game Developer

I started developing games in High school and until now I still do it as a hobby. Most of the time I work on personal projects and prototypes, but also have done a few projects for clients.

2021 - 2022

Software Engineer

Worked as a software engineer for about 2 years. In this position, I gained a lot of experience designing and developing systems for businesses. Also, I was leading a team of two developers. Together we managed to finish many small and few big projects during that time.

2018 - 2021

Web Developer/Designer

For 3 years I have been working as a website developer and designer. Developed small websites and e-commerce shops for small businesses or individuals.

Recent projects


Educational game for kids


Educational game for kids

The educational game “Didžiosios smegenys” was created for the Šilalė District Municipality Public Library. During the development of the game, I analyzed competitors and examined the most successful game in the educational games industry. Generated game ideas for creating educational skill-building mechanics, and made them appealing to children. Also, created a seamless style for all games and uploaded the game to the Google Play Store. In the analytical part of the game, I defined customers' needs, target audience, and competitors. The main development was the generation of game ideas, the development of game mechanics and design, and the calculation of game statistics.

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Clients & Reviews


Rima Norvilienė

Head of the Communication and Innovation Department, Šilalė District Municipality Public Library

We worked with Rokas to create an educational game. He helped us to develop everything from an idea to a finished product. Rokas communicated every part of the process clearly and always suggested the best solution to a problem. I am very satisfied with the final results and working process. I strongly recommend Rokas to any client because he can contribute his remarkable technical skills, creativity and dedication. 👍


Rosita Sadauskaitė


It's a pleasure to recommend Rokas as skilled, communicative, responsible specialist. We were working together on my personal project as a team. Rokas was always asking right questions, not only focused on what is needed to do, but why we do that. He was able to see bigger picture, share his own opinion and ideas how project can be improved from technical or any other ways. It was easy working with him since he was aware of deadlines and if there were any issues, he was always first to help because of his brilliant knowledge in developing WEB applications. Overall I'm really happy I've had possibility to work with Rokas, I definitely looking forward to work together in the future projects! 🔥

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